How to Properly Clean Your Teeth With Braces

Posted on July 27, 2023

Many people today use affordable braces to straighten out their smile, which can contribute to better oral health and help build confidence. However, taking care of braces requires a bit of effort, and cleaning your teeth in particular, can be tricky. It’s smart to work with your dentist and orthodontist, to understand the best ways… Read more »

Can Braces Be Beneficial at Every Stage of Life?

Posted on June 28, 2023

Braces treatment is often considered an option just for kids or teens. But braces and other types of orthodontic care can actually be beneficial at any stage of life. Although the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that kids get their first orthodontic checkup at 7 years old, that is not what happens for everyone. If… Read more »

What to Expect From an Invisalign Treatment

Posted on June 27, 2023

Are you ready to finally have your teeth straightened? If so, you should consider Invisalign treatment. These clear aligners have treated over 14 million people so far. If you’re interested in becoming one of them, here are some ideas about what you can expect from treatment. A Consultation The first step to getting Invisalign treatment… Read more »

Why Are Braces So Popular?

Posted on June 25, 2023

Braces have become more popular than ever before. The following reasons explain the surge in the popularity of braces and orthodontic services. Innovation of Different Types of Braces Innovations in orthodontics have led to the introduction of numerous types of braces. With different braces options, people no longer have to accept flaws in their smile… Read more »

How Can Orthodontic Treatments Benefit Your Overall Health?

Posted on June 23, 2023

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in correcting jaw and teeth alignment. Orthodontic issues are pretty common. You probably already know that orthodontic treatments offer aesthetic benefits, but there are also many health benefits that patients report. 1. Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease Orthodontic treatment can reduce your risk of developing diabetes… Read more »

Braces or Invisalign: Which Is Best for You?

Posted on May 3, 2023

If you are looking to straighten crooked teeth, improve gaps or crowding between your teeth, or correct an overbite or underbite, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatments. One of the biggest decisions that you have to make when it comes to orthodontic treatments is deciding between Invisalign treatments or traditional braces. Though both options are… Read more »

The Benefits of Starting Braces Young

Posted on May 2, 2023

While some kids may hesitate wearing metal braces, getting early treatment has many benefits they’ll appreciate later in life. Luckily, if your young child or teen gets braces, they won’t be alone since so many others are doing a similar treatment. Here are some reasons why getting metal braces while young is the best option…. Read more »

Are Orthodontics Safe for Children?

Posted on April 11, 2023

While some people don’t start orthodontics until later in life, many children have benefited from kids braces and other treatments. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children should see an orthodontist by age seven. If you have any worries about the safety of orthodontics, here’s what you need to know. Orthodontics Can Prevent More… Read more »

How Can Orthodontic Treatment Improve Your Quality of Life?

Posted on April 9, 2023

Whether you’re considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, you should know that these treatments improve people’s lives. Orthodontists report that patients are happier and more confident after treatment. Here are a few ways orthodontics changes people’s lives for the better. It Can Boost Your Self-Esteem Unfortunately, many people feel ashamed of their teeth…. Read more »

Your Teeth Shift Over Time, How Can This Impact Your Smile?

Posted on April 7, 2023

You love your smile, but as you get older, you may notice that your teeth are shifting. How could that affect the appearance of your smile? It could change it a lot, but there are orthodontists that can help preserve your original one. Here’s how shifting teeth can impact your smile. Braces Aren’t a Permanent… Read more »