Louisville, it’s time to get orthodontics that won’t break the bank.

Smiles are priceless. So, we’ve made them cost 60% less.

At SmileyVille, we want everyone to get a great deal on a great smile. That’s why we’ve made our pricing as transparent as our clear aligners. Best of all, we accept most insurance plans, too. Making it even more affordable to get the smile of your dreams with clear braces, gold braces, invisible aligners and more!

Braces with:
  • No hidden costs
  • No tricks
  • No shenanigans
Louisville braces starting at $2,998 with financing options as low as $123/month. Invisalign starting at $3,998
We’re all about giving you more bang for your buck.

Here, you’ll never be charged for your initial visit or consult with our doctor. In fact, the x-rays we take of your smile at your appointment are yours to keep whether you decide to have treatment at SmileyVille or not.

And because we believe everyone should be able to afford orthodontic care, we’ve made the cost of braces in Louisville a flat fee of just $2998. That includes everything – even if we need to use an expander to aid us in helping you get a great smile.

With this flat fee, budget-friendly pricing plan of just $292 down, and $123 a month for 22 months, getting the smile you’ve always wanted is now a no-brainer. Got dental insurance? If so, your cost could be even less! How cool is that?

Interested in straightening your smile the invisible way? SmileyVille has got you covered – we offer Invisalign for a great price that is lower than the other guys, too! Ask us about our Invisalign options & orthodontics pricing plans at your FREE Smile Consult!

The Lowdown On Everything That’s Included:
  • We don’t charge extra for putting your braces on or taking them off.
  • We don’t charge extra for adjustments or appointments.
  • We don’t charge extra for custom, vacuum-formed, clear retainers.
  • We don’t even charge for the wacky jokes you’ll sometimes hear our Smile Squad and doctors make.

Lock in your amazing smile for decades to come.

Interested in keeping your SmileyVille Smile amazing for your whole life? Then sign up for our 5-Year Retainer Assurance Program which protects your smile in case you lose or break your retainer. It’s just one payment of $615, or 5 payments of $123, but it’s so worth it. This program is completely optional, but we highly recommend it to keep your smile looking picture perfect for decades to come.

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