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Smiles say more than words ever could.

Smiles At SmileyVille

Hey! We get it. Getting a great smile is pricey, and let’s face it, a hassle and a half. At SmileyVille, we don’t think it has to cost a fortune to get braces from a quality orthodontist near you. And we certainly don’t think it has to be a hassle, either. That’s our price on braces is up to 60% less than other orthodontists in Louisville. After all, you deserve a great smile at a price that makes you smile.

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Need another reason to smile?
We’ve got a big one.

We charge up to 60% less for braces near you. Yep. Up to 60% less. That’s a lot of cabbage, cheddar, or lettuce you’re saving just by seeing us. And best of all, we accept most insurance plans and no shenanigans. How’s that for a reason to smile?

As low as $292 Down
Braces starting at $2,998
Payments of $123/month
We’ll make you happier than a
kid with no homework.

We love having fun at SmileyVille. Our team considers ourselves to be pretty “lit” (for grown-ups, anyway) and we are always rocking out to some “sick beats” (as the kids say)! So, bring your brother, your sister, your parents, and that weird guy that walks his cat on a leash (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Because here, everyone’s welcome.

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