How to Properly Clean Your Teeth With Braces

Posted on July 27, 2023

Many people today use affordable braces to straighten out their smile, which can contribute to better oral health and help build confidence. However, taking care of braces requires a bit of effort, and cleaning your teeth in particular, can be tricky. It’s smart to work with your dentist and orthodontist, to understand the best ways to clean your affordable braces and teeth.

Looking for some tips for cleaning your teeth properly while using affordable braces? We’ve got you covered.


Select the Right Toothbrush

First, you’ll want to get a soft toothbrush. A hard toothbrush could damage both your teeth and your braces. A softer toothbrush is recommended, both for folks with braces and those without. Make sure you get a new toothbrush at least every three months. If your toothbrush wears out sooner, it’s best to swap it out.

Besides a soft brush, you’ll also want to select one that offers a good grip and is easy to maneuver. You may select a brush with a flexible head as well. It’s smart to try out different toothbrushes to find one that’s comfortable. Also, make sure you brush your gums to reduce the risk of gum disease.


Consider Picking Up a Waterpik

Flossing can be especially tricky with braces. Fortunately, you can now purchase waterpiks that use high-pressure water streams to clean between teeth and along the gums. Waterpiks are an especially great option for folks with affordable braces. You should use a waterpik regularly to scrub away plaque.


Mouthwash is a Great Idea

An anticavity, fluoride mouthwash can make it easier to keep your mouth clean. Of course, mouthwash can’t replace brushing but it’s smart to rinse your mouth out after every meal. This can help remove debris, including bits of food that bacteria will otherwise feast upon.


Select a Fluoride-based Toothpaste

Fluoride is crucial for oral health and helps teeth remineralize. You’ll want to select a high-quality fluoride toothpaste. Many people overdo toothpaste, using too much. You only need to use about a pea-size glob of toothpaste.


See Your Dentist Regularly

Regular checkups with a dentist are important for everyone. A dentist can keep an eye on your oral health and provide pointers for cleaning both teeth and affordable braces.

If you have further questions or concerns about cleaning your teeth and affordable braces, feel free to reach out. At SmileyVille, we want everyone to get a great deal on a great smile.