The Benefits of Starting Braces Young

Posted on May 2, 2023

While some kids may hesitate wearing metal braces, getting early treatment has many benefits they’ll appreciate later in life. Luckily, if your young child or teen gets braces, they won’t be alone since so many others are doing a similar treatment. Here are some reasons why getting metal braces while young is the best option.

1. Speech Issues

As children grow, so do their jaws. If their teeth are growing incorrectly or misaligned, it can affect their speech. The way you form words and syllables depends on how your tongue interacts with different parts of your teeth. If your kid’s teeth are spaced too far out, too inward, or far apart from each other, they may not be able to make clear distinctive sounds.

2. More Confidence

While your child may initially be self-conscious about wearing metal braces, they’ll have even more confidence later on when they have straight, beautifully aligned teeth as older teens and adults. Since children can sometimes be mean when other kids have differences, a speech impediment may make your child feel self-conscious and afraid to speak up in class or make friends. Talking clearly through a beautiful smile will help your teen maintain confidence in school and in social settings.

3. Less Intensive Treatment

The earlier you take your child to the orthodontist, the better it’ll be for your child. If the alignment issues go untreated, they may worsen, and the teeth may further protrude out or separate over time. As a result, when you do go to the orthodontist in later years, you can expect more intensive, expensive, and longer treatment for your kid.

4. Facial Symmetry

Did you know that teeth can affect your facial symmetry? The way your teeth align can affect the structure of your jaw and overall face. So major alignment or bite issues can make your face appear uneven. It’s something that can further affect one’s confidence.

The earlier you seek treatment for your child’s teeth, the earlier you can stop or correct budding issues before they get worse or more expensive. Visit SmileyVille today to start your braces journey with a consultation.