Why Your Child Should See an Orthodontist Early in Life

Posted on December 4, 2023

Orthodontic care may be needed if your child shows signs of jaw or dental issues. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, it’s recommended to take your child to see an orthodontist by the time they are seven years old. Let’s look at a few reasons why your child must visit an orthodontist when they’re young.

Discuss Concerns

Early visits to the orthodontist provide an opportunity to discuss concerns you may have about your child’s teeth. These concerns could include early loss of baby teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, speech difficulties, facial imbalance, teeth grinding, or other concerns.

Identify Potential Issues

Early visits to the orthodontist provide an opportunity to identify potential problems early on. A well-trained orthodontist will be able to spot many of these issues. Some problems that can be detected early include tooth eruption, crowding and spacing, alignment issues, protrusive front teeth, underbites, posterior crossbites, and other bite problems.

Interceptive Treatment

Interceptive treatment refers to small fixes that can be applied when your child is still very young to correct any dental issues that may be developing. This can be a very valuable type of orthodontic care, as it enables you to avoid worse and more expensive problems later. For example, braces at an early age can help to prevent jaw alignment issues later that could negatively impact speech, chewing, and sleep.

Easier Treatment

Although children and adults alike can benefit from orthodontic care, braces, and Invisalign can often positively impact a younger child’s teeth more effectively. This is because your child’s jaw is still growing and may be more receptive to treatment.

Planning With Parents

Another benefit of visiting the dentist early is the opportunity to plan effectively with parents. Orthodontic care is a big investment for your child, and many parents need time to plan with their insurance companies and make financial arrangements to pay for this care. This could include saving for braces, working with the co-parent to figure out a fair division of the cost, or setting up financing to make payments for braces.

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