Your Teeth Shift Over Time, How Can This Impact Your Smile?

Posted on April 7, 2023

You love your smile, but as you get older, you may notice that your teeth are shifting. How could that affect the appearance of your smile? It could change it a lot, but there are orthodontists that can help preserve your original one. Here’s how shifting teeth can impact your smile.

Braces Aren’t a Permanent Solution

You loved your smile when you had your braces taken off when you were younger. Those teeth were so straight, and you couldn’t wait to show everyone the results. The thing is that people may think that the braces lock those teeth into position for the rest of their life. That’s far from being the case. If you are not given a retainer, your teeth will shift over time to a new position. Braces treatments are continued through retainers, so keeping your retainer and using it over the future years will maintain your straight smile.

Your Jaw Changes as You Age

The most significant changes to the jaw occur during adolescence. These are usually very rapid changes, which can cause a need for orthodontics as one approaches their teenage years. But this still happens as you go into your 20s and beyond.

If you are noticing changes in your child’s jaw, you may want to consider your own at the same time. You may notice changes in your lower jaw near the front. This area tends to make the teeth you have become overcrowded. This can cause gaps around the upper teeth and biting issues.

Another result of this could be grinding teeth. Although this mostly occurs while people sleep, others might grind their teeth when stressed. This can cause your teeth to shift. Another thing that could cause issues is your lips getting thinner as you get older. That puts more pressure on your teeth and makes them shift. If you notice any of these issues, it could be time to contact an orthodontist.

Health Concerns

Many people don’t realize how impactful your teeth are to your health. When your teeth are healthy, they will influence your jaw, gums, throat, and gut health, too. If your teeth are too crowded, that can promote bacteria growth, which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and other issues. An untreated jaw misalignment can influence how you chew your food, which can cause digestive problems. Keeping your teeth properly aligned will promote a healthy body, along with a beautiful smile.

You may find that your teeth shift as you age, but orthodontics can help. We’re ready to show you how. Contact SmileyVille Braces today for more information!