What Orthodontic Issues Can Invisalign Fix?

Posted on April 6, 2023

Braces aren’t just for children and teens. There are millions of people wearing braces in the U.S., and some of these people are adults. If you prefer not to wear traditional braces, you can explore other options like Invisalign treatments. Invisalign is a highly effective treatment for many orthodontic issues.

Overbites and Underbites

When teeth aren’t properly aligned, it can be hard to chew certain foods. Teeth that aren’t in the right position are also more vulnerable to wear and tear. Invisalign is frequently used to correct the position of teeth and move them into the proper place.

Crooked Teeth

Many people wear braces because they want to straighten crooked teeth, and Invisalign can deliver the same results. Since Invisalign trays can move your teeth back into alignment, they’re an excellent way to get a straighter smile. Invisalign is highly effective at treating mild and moderate dental alignment issues.

Overcrowded Teeth

Your jaw may not have enough room to comfortably fit all your teeth, leading to an issue known as overcrowding. When teeth are overcrowded, it can lead to additional problems like teeth overlapping or twisting around each other. Invisalign treatments are a way to correct this issue, ensuring that there’s enough space between all your teeth.

Tooth Spacing Issues

Also known as tooth gaps, Invisalign is a way to correct gaps between teeth. Over time, wearing Invisalign trays can push teeth closer together, eliminating gaps in your smile. Fixing tooth gaps can give you a better-looking smile and prevent food from getting trapped between your teeth. It can correct gaps in the front of your smile and tooth gaps further into your mouth.

Other Dental Alignment Issues

In addition to the orthodontic issues listed above, Invisalign can correct many other alignment issues, including crossbites and open bites. It’s a way to correct bite problems that can damage teeth and put patients at increased risk for gum disease. While Invisalign isn’t suitable for all patients, it’s a great way to correct numerous dental issues. A patient’s treatment can even be customized to fit their needs better.

Invisalign has limitations, and it may not be a suitable treatment for more severe conditions. However, it has helped many people correct their misaligned teeth. Whether you’re dealing with an overbite, crooked teeth, or another issue that involves misaligned teeth, don’t hesitate to ask our orthodontist if Invisalign treatment is right for you. Give us a call today!