The Many Benefits of Braces

Posted on December 7, 2021

Top Benefits of Braces

People can get braces at any age, although the ideal age is between eight and 14 years old. Braces are essential in straightening crooked teeth and improving smiles. Braces have many benefits apart from mostly cosmetic improvements.

Top Five Benefits of Braces:

1. Improved Appearance

The most apparent benefit of getting braces is improved appearance. Most people who have misaligned or overcrowded teeth are insecure about their appearance. According to the American Dental Association, 29% of low-income adults and 28% of young adults admitted they felt the appearance of their mouth and teeth affect their ability to interview for a job. Braces straighten your teeth, thus improving your appearance and boosting your confidence.

2. Improved Oral Health

Apart from improving appearance, braces are also beneficial in promoting oral health. Straightened teeth are much easier to brush and clean than misaligned teeth. People with crooked and overcrowded teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay, cavities, and gum complications.

3. Improved Bite

Another benefit of braces is improved bite. You have an overbite if your upper teeth extend too far past your lower teeth when you close your jaw, and you have an underbite if your lower teeth extend past your upper teeth. Overbite and underbite can harm the jaw and cause complicated issues. Braces can improve your bite by aligning your teeth to eliminate both overbite and underbite.

4. Improved Speech

Many people are not aware that teeth are essential for good speech. Various parts of your mouth, including the tongue, lips, and teeth, are involved in speaking. You may have trouble pronouncing words correctly if you have crooked or crowded teeth. It may also be difficult to pronounce certain words and sounds. Wearing braces for a few months can significantly improve your speech. Proper alignment of teeth using braces will enable you to pronounce words easily.

5. Healthy Jawbone

Braces are beneficial in preventing bone erosion, therefore making your jawbone healthy. Although people naturally lose some bone mass in the jawbone as they age, crooked teeth can accelerate the rate at which bone mass is lost. Braces will align your teeth and spread them out, allowing your jawbone to stay healthier.

Braces have many benefits, as illustrated in this guide. They also come in different types and sizes, allowing you to find one that will meet all your needs. Be sure to contact the friendly team at Smileyville Braces today if you are interested in braces or have any questions about them.