Reasons Why You Should Consider Gold Braces

Posted on June 18, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Consider Gold Braces

Braces are not just aimed at making your teeth look good and enhancing your appearance. In fact, the percentage of people that need braces to treat functional problems is around 45%, and even more still may need braces for hidden problems. Orthodontists may be all too quick to note that the pursuit of straight teeth can help solve many of these problems, but it’s up to you to bring up nuances that relate to you, such as allergies or health concerns. Many patients aren’t aware that gold braces are an available option. But if you have underlying conditions, are working for a certain aesthetic, or simply want to look like a million dollars, you owe it to yourself to see if the orthodontics office near you to get gold braces. When you read about some of the interesting benefits below, we think you’ll agree.

Alternative Metals Avoid Allergic Reactions

The most common metal to use with braces today is nickel because it is rustproof, lightweight, and bends easily while still applying the pressure necessary for orthodontics. Unfortunately, many people have nickel allergies and don’t find this out until it’s too late and their mouth is full of the metal and having a reaction. In lieu of having to sit in the orthodontist’s chair for twice as long, opt for gold braces instead. They cause no allergic reaction, look amazing, and don’t attract plaque or rust. You can feel confident when smiling because you’ll know that everything is in order.

Gold is also a non-toxic metal, meaning that it won’t react or interact with anything you eat or drink. It’s also easy to clean. By having gold braces, you won’t interfere with your existing dental routine or cause issues with your teeth. There is a reason why dentists love to use real gold in fillings and other oral health work and orthodontics is no different.

Metals (Like Gold) May Have Healing Properties

If you’re into alternative medicine, there are some lines of thought that say certain metals, such as copper, gold, and silver, have healing properties when worn or placed around the body. We won’t give you a definite answer to these things, but if you’re into that line of thinking then what could be better than having gold sitting in your mouth at all times? Once again, the functionality of this is hard to overlook: not only does it look great and it’s placed in a central location (your mouth), but at the end of your braces journey you will have amazing pearly whites that are so straight they make a ruler look crooked. What could be better than that?

Gold Braces Look Like a Million Dollars

It depends on who manufactures the gold braces in order to determine the gold content, but most of them are at least gold plated. Just like jewelry of any sort, value is in the eye of the beholder. When you open your mouth and smile into the sun, you might have to be careful not to blind people in the immediate vicinity! Or at least tell them to put their shades on, because it’s going to get bright up in here. Jokes aside, many people choose gold braces because it is a symbol of wealth and makes them feel better about having braces.

All That Glitters Is Gold

You may have once heard the adage that “all that glitters is gold” and wondered what it meant. We think it means that everything of value can eventually be traced back to gold or other precious objects, and so braces made with this material should be no different. Not only can they help you if you have a nickel allergy or some other health condition, but they’re rustproof and may have other healing properties. If you’re into jewelry, these may become the most functional piece of jewelry that you’ve ever owned, because in the end, you get wonderful straight teeth. Instead of denying yourself any longer or wishing that you could change your teeth, pursue style and grace while improving yourself and ask about gold braces on your next trip to SmileyVille Braces. Contact the braces professionals at SmileyVille Braces to schedule your orthodontic appointment today!