Braces or Invisalign: Which Is Best for You?

Posted on May 3, 2023

If you are looking to straighten crooked teeth, improve gaps or crowding between your teeth, or correct an overbite or underbite, your dentist may recommend orthodontic treatments. One of the biggest decisions that you have to make when it comes to orthodontic treatments is deciding between Invisalign treatments or traditional braces. Though both options are great at fixing orthodontic issues, every person will prefer one over the other. Here are a few factors you should consider to help you make that decision.

Visibility and Comfort

One of the factors you should consider when deciding between Invisalign and braces is the visibility of the braces and your comfort level. Invisalign is a clear shield that is worn over your teeth, making the orthodontic device far less noticeable than braces. If you want to disguise the fact that you are wearing braces, Invisalign is a good option.

The Cost

Invisalign treatments average slightly more than braces. Orthodontic treatment is not cheap, and you may be straining your budget just to afford treatment. Always consider your budget and if it is worth paying a little extra for Invisalign, or if a more affordable option is a better fit for you. Only you can decide how much you want to spend.

Improving Appearance

The final factor that you need to consider when deciding between Invisalign and braces is the imperfections you are looking to improve. Invisalign can help with spacing issues and crooked teeth. But, this is not a great option for correcting other dental conditions, such as an overbite or a crossbite. If you are trying to correct one of those dental conditions, braces may be the better option. An orthodontist can tell you which options they recommend to correct your dental imperfections.

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make as you seek out orthodontic treatment is deciding what type of treatment is right for you. You can select between Invisalign treatments and braces. Our orthodontic professionals can offer you advice as to which may be better for you based on the visibility of the orthodontic device, your budget, and the imperfections you are looking to improve on. Schedule an appointment with SmileyVille today to find out which orthodontic treatment is best for you!