5 Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult

Posted on October 1, 2021

5 Reasons to Get Braces as an Adult

Orthodontic braces are usually something you hear about for teenagers. However, you can still get good results with braces as an adult. Most people think that teeth are directly attached to the jawbone and do not easily shift. The truth is that a membrane connects the teeth on top of the jawbone and controls their alignment. Therefore, it is possible to shift a tooth’s position by applying continuous pressure, like orthodontic braces do. So, if you identify with the 25% of 15,000 adults questioned by the Harris Poll who avoid smiling because they are ashamed of how their teeth look, perhaps adult braces are for you. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting braces as an adult that show how taking care of your teeth affects your overall health.

1. Straight Teeth Are More Attractive.

Most adults think that straight teeth are more attractive than crooked ones. We get this perception from movies and magazines, which, feed us a certain image of beautiful people. Most villains are portrayed with crooked teeth in films, and the protagonists or heroes have perfect pearly whites. Therefore, subconsciously you may feel inferior if your teeth are less than perfectly straight, especially if you want to make a good impression during a job interview or on a first date.

2. Overlapping teeth are susceptible to dental decay.

When your teeth overlap, it is more difficult to clean them properly. It may even be impossible to insert a floss strand into the space where two teeth overlap. When not properly cleaned, the area accumulates food particles and tartar leading to tooth decay and even tooth loss.

3. Badly aligned teeth may result in jaw pain.

If you chew food with misaligned teeth, it may strain your jawline leading to fatigue of the jaw muscles and tendons, which, results in a painful jaw after eating.

4. Straight teeth improve diction.

It may be difficult to pronounce certain sounds when your teeth don’t sit right in your mouth because your tongue “gets stuck” on your crooked teeth. Getting braces to straighten them will help you pronounce your words more clearly.

5. Frequently biting or cutting your tongue.

Misaligned teeth may produce sharp edges in your mouth that can cut your tongue when you try to eat or speak. If this is happening to you, it is a definite sign that you may need to get braces to straighten your teeth.

Having a mouth full of straight, perfectly spaced, white teeth is more than just an aesthetic issue. Straight teeth improve our overall health and make us feel better. It’s never too late to visit your orthodontist for braces.