4 Top Tips to Help Your Child Care For Their New Braces

Posted on January 25, 2022

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For many, braces are a rite of passage. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, 3.9 million children in the United States are orthodontic patients. Some kids may not be excited about getting the best braces available, but there is no need to worry.

With the right care and maintenance, it’s possible to ensure braces effectively treat your child’s teeth without adding undue stress to your child’s routine. Here are our top tips to help your child care for their new braces.

1. Schedule Regular Appointments With Your Orthodontist

Make sure your child goes to their regular appointments so that the orthodontist can monitor their braces and make any necessary adjustments. If they have a problem with their braces, or if it looks like something is wrong, you should also make an appointment with their orthodontist immediately. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure the treatment process is on track and that any problems are addressed right away.

2. Avoid Sticky Foods

While the best braces are designed to withstand normal chewing, certain foods should be avoided entirely while wearing braces. Ensure your child stays away from sticky foods like taffy or caramel, which could get stuck in the wires. Similarly, hard candy should also be avoided.

3. Show Them How to Brush and Floss Their Braces

Brushing and flossing play a key role in maintaining good oral hygiene. Ensuring your child knows how to properly brush and floss around their braces is important. Your orthodontist will be able to demonstrate these techniques, but here’s a quick tutorial:

  • Use an extra-soft toothbrush with a small strip of fluoride toothpaste for cleaning braces.
  • Brush each section of the braces with a different part of the toothbrush. Pay close attention to brushing behind and between brackets, as well as on top of wires.
  • Rinse thoroughly after brushing.
  • Flossing should be done at least once per day, preferably right after or before brushing, to remove any food or plaque that the toothbrush missed.

4. Check Their Braces Regularly

Keep an eye on your child’s braces to ensure they are in the right condition and aren’t damaged or showing signs of wear and tear. Contact your orthodontist immediately if you notice any faulty brackets, loose wires, unusual teeth movement, excessive gaps between teeth, or a sore that won’t heal.

Remember, even the best braces will need care and upkeep to ensure they’re effective in treating your child’s teeth. By following the tips above, you can ensure your child cares for their braces properly and maintains good oral hygiene. Are you looking for the best braces for your child? Call the friendly team at SmileyVille to schedule an appointment, today!